St Clair United Soccer Club

Rules for use of upgrades in the Championship Tournament Series

Hi Everyone,

We’ve had a few enquires come in over the past few days about the use of upgrades in the Championship Tournament Series. Please remind all your competition teams of the following:

For the purposes of clarification, the association will refer to Competition Regulation 5.2.f. "Upgrade counts are re-set for semi-finals and finals whenever this format is used by the Association”. This will apply to all players, from any age group, who upgrade into Competition teams during the regular season including players who upgrade from Non-Comp teams to Comp teams. Please note that the 2 year age restriction on upgrades continues to apply. (Refer section 5 of Competition Regulations for all rules pertaining to upgrades)…/NFA_Competition_Regulati…

Please remember too that in order to use a player as an upgrade in semi finals and/or finals, the player must have been used as an upgraded player during the regular season. Failure to observe this rule will result in the player being determined as ineligible and a loss of points will result from the breach.

Kind Regards,
Linda Cerone
General Manager
Nepean Football Assoc. Inc.