St Clair United Soccer Club

Caltex Socceroos Edge !! Caltex Club reward program.

Thanks to Caltex our Club can get the Caltex Socceroos Edge! The Caltex Club is a reward program supporting grassroots clubs with valuable equipment and unique Caltex Socceroos experiences. 

Anyone can help our club - so please encourage our members’ friends and families to get involved! By pulling in at your nearest Caltex you can turn this everyday purchase into real rewards for your football club!

Don't forget, friends and family can also collect receipts

Once you have your receipt you can either record them at

Or bring them to the canteen. we will have a box for them!

Rewards available for each Eligible Club that reaches the required Level of Points are:-

Sign Up Reward $250 Summit Sport Voucher

Level 1 -$1,500 Summit Sport Voucher = 100 Points

Level 2 - Top coaching seminar with High Performance coaches = 250 Points

Level 3 - $2,500 Summit Sport Voucher = 400 Points

One Off Reward for the Eligible Club with the most Points
of 500 or more
Level 4 - Money Can’t Buy Caltex Socceroos Experience

*Only one (1) Money Can’t Buy Caltex Socceroos 
experience is available and is subject to the terms 
set out in clause 23

Lets start and go for 100 receipts!!!!